Schedule from last year's event

Friday Evening

5:00: Dealers and Registration open​

5:30-6:45 pm: A special section is reserved for us in the restaurant. Meet your fellow magi for a no-host dinner. 

7:00 pm: Michael Finney Lecture 

9:15 pm: Stage show with Asi Wind, Tony Clark, & Michael Finney  


 We have ongoing "Session Areas" around the clock. During the day it's be in the Dealer's Room, then after that closes it'll migrate to the lobby outside our event room. The restaurant is also a great informal gathering area. Any and all who're interested are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and spend time showing off, watching, learning, playing, exploring, and hanging out with their fellow magicians. 


8:30 am:  Dealer's Open / No-host breakfast gathering

9:15 am:  Tony Clark lecture 

11:15 am:  Marquee Close Up Shows  featuring all our headliners   


​2:00 pm:  Asi Wind lecture

4:30 pm:  Banachek lecture  

Long evening break - you deserve it!  

8:30 pm: Headline Stage Show  with Banachek, Michael Finney (different show), & juggler Henrik BotheThis is included with your registration. Public tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

Afterwards: Session room open late!


8:45 am:  Dealers and Swap tables open 

9:30 am:  Tony Clark gives a double-punch lecture here, with interactive instruction on Slydini's Paper Balls routine, and a discussion of important concepts from his book "Mastering the Craft, Show, & Business of Magic" 

11:00 am:  Panel Discussion with the headliners


Ya gotta eat SOMETIME! 

1:15 pm:  Parlor contest: 2-5 minutes of Parlor Magic.  
Find sign-up info on the Events tab. 

2:30 pm: Private specialty workshops   ​