Over 500 people joined our live-streamed lecture event!


Click here to watch the entire 2.5-hour recording! Find the running order and time codes here. (Forgive the opening 3-min video montage being muted.) Big thanks to Max Maven, Shawn Farquhar, Stephen Bargatze, & John Shryock for making it great! 

Our annual weekend convention had to be cancelled, but we'll keep an eye on scheduling the next one. We'd love to get this very same lineup but of course that'll depend on each headliners' availability. We had already scheduled the next one for March 26-28, 2021, so we'll see if that'll be our next one or if we'll have another before then. Find out when we announce our next event by joining our mailing list at the bottom of this page, as well as our FB page. (We only email with important event announcements 7 or 8 times/year.)

Specific weekend event cancellation info at this link.  

100% of the refunds have been issued!  The streaming event had no effect on everybody getting a full refund - we even absorbed the transaction fees that paypal doesn't refund.  If you don't see you've received your refund let us know by calling Greg Moreland at 503-371-2222.  Many thanks to the folks who voluntarily left $10 or more of their refunds to help with our considerable sunk costs! This made me feel a bit like George Bailey at the end of Wonderful Life!  

The Sheraton & Hampton Inn gave full refunds on hotel reservations. (As noted here and in our emails, they didn't cancel automatically - you had to call them! ) 

Forgive us for leaving some of the moot convention info below on this page.  Leaving this formatting up gives us a head start when we reschedule... 

Portland Magic Jam 2020

The 4 Horsemen of the 2020 PMJ

This year's registrations had surpassed all previous years, so our weekend of magic and camaraderie is growing nicely! 

EVENING SHOWS: Be sure to tell your friends about our Fri & Sat night shows!  Go to the Evening Show tab for info on the lineups, tickets, and the great poster we hope you'll share on your social media! 

HOTEL ROOMS: We sold out our discounted room block at the Sheraton, but the Hampton Inn next door matched their $129/night price. 


Magic Dealers was to include a whole bunch of great folks listed here. Hopefully they'll all return when we reschedule!

Remember the following guys from last year? 

Portlaned Magic Jam 2019

One last tip-o-the hat to last year's headliners!

 Our four 2019 headliners were genuinely great guys, and had a great time here in Portland! David Regal, Jonathan Levit, Tom Burgoon, & Robert Ramirez!  

Here are some great photos from the 2019 event: 

Photos from Glen Bledsoe

Photos from Darren Sethe 

Also a great Video Montage by Darren Sethe.

See our complete list of Past Headliners!

The PMJ keeps reaching new levels of awesome!

Over the past 11 years the PMJ has been growing nicely. And along the way it's been a great time for everyone involved - including the headliners! Looking back at our list of past headliners - holy cow!  The masters who've joined us have done great lectures, great evening & close up shows, and had some great chemistry in our panel discussion. On top of all this we've found them extremely accessible hanging out with us between events!   

The Airport Sheraton

Our move to the Sheraton has been a great step up, and we're happy to announce we're returning there. The extra space allows us more attendance, more dealers, more elbow room, and the added electricity of opening the evening shows to the public. Before this cancellation we'd already scheduled the next one for March 26-28, 2021. Time will tell if we can do another one before then. 

Event History & Overview

Started in 2009, the PMJ is an annual 3-day magic convention that brings together magicians from Oregon & Washington and beyond for a great weekend of learning & camaraderie. It's open to all levels of magic enthusiasts, from beginners to hobbyists to seasoned pros. It's a weekend packed with instructional lectures, shows, magic dealers, a panel discussion, a contest, and the camaraderie of fellow magicians. 

We can't believe the magic headliners we continue to host every year!  See the complete list at the Past Headliners tab.  

Get Notified About Event Updates

Get info as we set dates, firm up headliners, open up registration, and when our discounted room block opens up at the Sheraton.  Sign up for our announcement list at the bottom of the Contact tab. Also follow our FB page for up-to-date announcements.   (History has shown we don't over-post or over-email. Usually 6 or 7 emails per year.)