Mark your calendars for The next PMJ: March 27-29, 2020!

For 2020 we've confirmed Max Maven and Shawn Farquhar!


See brief bios on them on the Headliner tab - but these guys are such legends that nothing really needs to be said beyond their names! (And it would take volumes to list all their outstanding accomplishments!) 

Are we being serious here? YES! These 2 legends are REALLY coming to our next event! 

And early-registration is open here

We're in talks with a couple addt'l headliners, but we won't announce anything until they're firm. Until then, holy cow - MAX MAVEN and SHAWN FARQUHAR are really coming to headline our next event! 

Last year's event was another great success!


 Our four 2019 headliners had a great time here in Portland: David Regal, Jonathan Levit, Tom Burgoon, & Robert Ramirez!  

Here are some great photos from the 2019 event: 

Photos from Glen Bledsoe

Photos from Darren Sethe 

 See our impressive list of Past Headliners!

The PMJ keeps reaching new levels of awesome!

Over the years the PMJ has been a fabulous time for everyone involved - including the headliners! Looking back at our list of past headliners - holy cow!  And speaking of headliners, looking back 2 years it's still hard to believe these legends all came to our 2017 event: Banachek, Asi Wind, Michael Finney, & Tony Clark!  Each of these masters did great lectures, performed in our evening shows, performed close-up shows, and had some great chemistry in our panel discussion. On top of this, they were extremely accessible hanging out with us between the events!   

The Airport Sheraton

Our move to the Sheraton has been a great step up, and we're happy to announce we're returning for our next event March 27-29, 2020. The extra space allows us more elbow room, more dealers, and the added electricity of opening the evening shows up to the public.  

Event History & Overview

Started in 2009, the PMJ is an annual 3-day magic convention that brings together magicians from Oregon & Washington & beyond for a great weekend of learning & camaraderie. It's open to all levels of magic enthusiasts, from beginners to hobbyists to seasoned pros. It's a weekend packed with instructional lectures, shows, magic dealers, a panel discussion, a contest, and the camaraderie of fellow magicians. 

We can't believe the magic headliners we continue to host every year!  See the complete list above and at the Past Headliners tab.  

Get Notified About Event Updates

Get info as we firm up headliners, and when the Sheraton will open our block of discounted hotel rooms.  Sign up for our announcement list at the bottom of the Contact tab. Also follow our FB page for up-to-date announcements.   (History has shown we don't over-post or over-email.)