Don't miss the annual magic weekend, coming up Jan 12-14!!

We've firmed up another outstanding lineup of headliners!

David Stone!  Richard Osterlind!  Rocco Silano!  & Whit "Pop" Haydn!  A great bunch of diverse talents! Stone is flying in from Paris, Osterlind is one of the all-time great mentalists, Rocco is a master of classic manipulation magic, and we've been counting the days until we could bring Haydn back for a repeat appearance!  Read their bios on the Headliners tab. 

Registration is open! Take advantage of the current price before Dec 31. 

Here's where to find tickets to the evening shows.  

We're returning to the AIRPORT SHERATON!  Everyone gave it rave reviews, so we're sticking with it! The extra space allows us more elbow room, more dealers, and the excitement of evening shows open to the public. Our special room rate is good until Dec 22. 

The Magic Jam has reached a new level of fantastic!  Everyone has been having a fabulous time - including the headliners!  Speaking of headliners, it's still hard to believe these legends all came to our 2017 event: Banachek, Asi Wind, Michael Finney and Tony Clark!  Each of these masters did a great lecture, performed in our evening shows, performed close-up shows, and had some great chemistry in our panel discussion. On top of this, they were extremely accessible hanging out with us between the events!   


Started in 2009, the PMJ is an annual 3-day magic convention that brings together magicians from Oregon & Washington & beyond for a great weekend of learning & camaraderie. It's open to all levels of magic enthusiasts, from beginners to hobbyists to seasoned pros. It's a weekend packed with instructional lectures, shows, magic dealers, a panel discussion, a contest, and the camaraderie of your fellow magicians. 

  We can't believe the magic stars we continue to host every year!  Take a look at the Past Headliners tab.  

 We thank our local brick-&-mortar DAVE'S KILLER MAGIC SHOP for their support!  Please support Dave's great shop!