Our Annual Event is this coming weekend!

And it looks like we'll have the biggest attendance ever!


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Weekend Registration

Weekend Schedule 

Evening Show info

Airport Sheraton:  (503) 281-2500 

 8235 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97220  

Don't forget about Portland evening traffic! Plan to leave home/work early because you don't want to miss the 6:30 pm lecture by funnyman Tom Burgoon! 

Our 4 nat'l headliners are all fired up to come to Portland: David Regal, Jonathan Levit, Tom Burgoon, & Robert Ramirez!  

David was at our very first PMJ in 2009 and got rave reviews. In addition to being a terrific magician and great guy, he's written numerous books on magic, and is a writer/producer for the popular TV show The Carbonaro Effect.  For many, Robert Ramirez's close up magic was one of the highlights of last summer's Magic Live in Las Vegas.  Jonathan Levit is a longtime favorite at the Magic Castle in Hollywood - and seems to be a consultant for just about every movie made about magic! And Tom Burgoon is considered one of the top comedy magicians in the country - at the same time producing a ton of unique magic products and routines for the magic community.  

And don't let your friends miss out on the EVENING SHOWS! This is the first year ALL FOUR headliners will be in BOTH SHOWS; and both shows will be completely different!  Admission is $25. 

Last year's lineup of headliners all lived up to their reputations!


 David Stone!  Richard Osterlind!  Rocco Silano!  & Whit "Pop" Haydn!  A great bunch of diverse talents! Stone flew here from Paris, Osterlind came as one of the all-time great mentalists, Rocco proved why he's a master of classic manipulation magic, and nobody could resist the charm and wisdom that Pop Haydn brought!  Here's a nice collection of photos from last year's event. 

 Here's the complete list of our past headliners: 

2018: David Stone, Richard Osterlind, Rocco Silano, Whit "Pop" Haydn

2017: Asi Wind, Banachek, Michael Finney, Tony Clark, Henrick Bothe

2016: Michael Ammar, Chad Long, Nate Kranzo, Paul Draper, Rhys Thomas

2014: Simon Lovell, Garrett Thomas, Kozmo, Max Krause 2011: Gregory Wilson, Jon Armstrong, Daniel Garcia, Matt Baker 

2010: Daryl , Whit "Pop" Hayden, Wayne Houchin, Doc Eason

2009: David Regal, Aaron Fisher, Nate Kranzo, Steve Dobson 

The PMJ keeps reaching new levels of awesome!

Over the years everyone has been having a fabulous time - including the headliners!  ‚ÄčAnd speaking of headliners, looking back 2 years it's still hard to believe these legends all came to our 2017 event: Banachek, Asi Wind, Michael Finney, & Tony Clark!  Each of these masters did great lectures, performed in our evening shows, performed close-up shows, and had some great chemistry in our panel discussion. On top of this, they were extremely accessible hanging out with us between the events!   

The Airport Sheraton

Our move to the Airport Sheraton has been a great step up, and we're happy to announce we're returning there again in 2019. The extra space allows us more elbow room, more dealers, and the added electricity of opening the evening shows up to the public. (We've come to realize how putting 2 rows of laymen in the front have made these shows even stronger.)  

Event History & Overview

Started in 2009, the PMJ is an annual 3-day magic convention that brings together magicians from Oregon & Washington & beyond for a great weekend of learning & camaraderie. It's open to all levels of magic enthusiasts, from beginners to hobbyists to seasoned pros. It's a weekend packed with instructional lectures, shows, magic dealers, a panel discussion, a contest, and the camaraderie of your fellow magicians. 

We can't believe the magic headliners we continue to host every year!  See the complete list at the Past Headliners tab.  

Get Notified About Updates

Get info as we firm up headliners, and when the Sheraton will open our block of hotel rooms.  Sign up for our announcement list at the bottom of the Contact tab. Also follow our FB page for up-to-date announcements.   (History has shown we don't over-post or over-email.)

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