Schedule from our recent event

Friday Evening

5:00: Dealers and Registration open​

5:15-6:30 pm: Informal gathering with your fellow magi for no-host dinner, drinks, &/or visiting in the restaurant area.

6:45 pm: Richard Osterlind lecture

9:15 pm: Evening Stage Show:  

Rocco, David Stone, Pop Haydn, Stefano Iaboni, and Pappy.

Included with your registration. Public tickets are $25 at the door. Note the first 2 rows are for the public - no exceptions.  

Afterwards: Session & visiting areas open late!


8:30 am:  Dealer's Open / No-host breakfast gathering

9:15 am:  Pop Haydn lecture 

11:15am:  Marquee Close-Up Shows  featuring all 4 headliners   


​2:00 pm:  David Stone lecture

4:30 pm:  Rocco Silano lecture 

Long evening break - you deserve it!  

8:30 pm: Evening Stage Show:  

Richard Osterlind, Pop Haydn, David Stone (Completely different shows each night!)

Included with your registration.The public can buy tickets for $25 at the door. Note the first 2 rows are for the public - no exceptions. The headliners want this, and it makes for a better show. 


Afterwards: Session areas open late!


8:45 am:  Dealers and Swap tables open 

9:30 am: Combination Lecture with multiple headliners 

11:00 am:  Panel Discussion with the headliners


Ya gotta eat SOMETIME! 

1:00 pm:  Parlor contest: 2-5 minutes of Parlor Magic.  Find sign-up info on the Events tab. 

Extra-Fee Workshops: Osterlind & Rocco will each offer extra-fee specialty workshops on Sunday. The times are TBD, and interested people should talk with the headliners or the gals at the registration table. 


There will be visiting areas available around the clock. There are tables in the Dealer's Room and in the area just outside our event room. The restaurant is also a great gathering area. 

Any and all who're interested are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and spend time showing off, watching, learning, playing, exploring, and hanging out with their fellow magicians! 


Do note there's another big function in the hotel this particular weekend, so at times there may be competition for the restaurant space.