virtual mini-pmj


Sat, March 28 Streaming Event

Our live-streaming event was joined by over 500 magicians from all over the world!  The entire 2.5-hour series of mini-lectures was recorded and free to view here!  (Please forgive the opening 3-min montage being muted.)

Big thanks to Max Maven, Shawn Farquhar, Stephen Bargatze, & John Shryock! Our 4 headliners covered some great material, and the panel discussion was a blast as well


This was/is completely free for everyone. This virtual event was a great way to take the sting out of our annual weekend magic convention being canceled. Find out when our next event is by joining the mailing list at the bottom of our contact tab, and follow our FB page. (We only email 7 or 8 times each year, with important PMJ announcements.)


:00  3-min montage. Introduction. 

:05  John Shryock - Cups & Balls 

:45  Stephen Bargatze - Comedy by design

1:06 Max Maven - Cool mental trick w/discussion

1:20 Shawn Farquhar - 2 card tricks + Jealous King

1:51  Montage /  Panel Discussion

Big thanks to Mark Schaefer for putting the tech together for this streaming event!

Virtual Portland Magic Jam 2020