Extra Fee Workshops



Some of the headliners offer extra workshops on Sunday. (We keep them pretty busy during the weekend, so this is rarer than might be expected.) 

There is usually a minimum & maximum # of signups, so check  with the gals at the registration table during the convention.

For now we're leaving up the info from the past year's workshops.

Jonathan Levit Workshop


Sunday, 1-4 pm. Cost: $100/per person. Minimum 6 people. 

 Jonathan’s focus - in all areas of his life - is to improve and enhance his own skills, methods, and performance. In this workshop he helps you in these same advances. His doesn't approach this from the negative, but views the improvement of performance and technique as a positive step forward in your evolution as a magician. 

The workshop is a safe environment to share material you are working on. Each routine will receive Jonathan’s insight and expertise to enhance audience management, technical skill, methodology, staging, and script. Be prepared to present one effect for evaluation, discussion, and feedback. Once every attendee has had the chance to share, Jonathan will evaluate additional effects and routines from the participants.  

Robert Ramirez Workshop


Sunday 1pm 

Performers: 3 min. 6 max. 

Observers: 10 min. No max.  

$40 apiece. 

Robert will also be doing a hands on performance workshop. The participants explore adding music to their routines, putting their routines in specific order, and staying true to our characters. Also, people will be performing their routines and Robert will direct them, and help define their style and such. This makes stronger routines and help them in the future when performing magic!